Frequently Asked Questions

  • FAQs

    • Will my yard be a mess after a new roof is installed?

      Our goal is to leave every home and yard just as clean if not cleaner by the time we leave. Our crews do constant magnet sweeps, debris removal, and coverings on all landscaping.

    • How long does it take to install a roof?

      We set a goal to have our roofs replaced in one day, although some installs will take 2-3 days depending on the weather and other variables.

    • How much does a new roof cost?

      The cost of a new roof is determined by the size of your roof and the type of shingle and material being installed. We offer a no-obligation inspection and estimate to determine the exact costs.

    • What type of gutter services does Shingle Magic Atlanta Provide?

      We provide full gutter replacement; all our gutters are seamless and custom-made on-site. Our gutter systems come with a 20-year warranty. We also provide gutter cover systems to keep leaves and debris out of the gutters.

    • What is the warranty on roof replacement?

      All new roof replacements come with a certified 50-year warranty from the manufacturer along with a separate leak-free and workmanship warranty.

    • Do you offer financing?

      We offer a wide range of financing options to fit any budget, we have short and long-term flexible low-interest financing.

    • What other services does Shingle Magic Atlanta provide?

      Aside from roofing, we specialize in high-quality replacement vinyl windows and sliding glass doors. We carry an exclusive vinyl window line that is custom-made to fit every home.

    • What type of Roofing services do you offer?

      Shingle Magic Atlanta is a full-service roofing company that offers roofing repair, full roof replacement, roof cleaning, and roof rejuvenation.

    • Why Should I Choose Shingle Magic?

      Our roofing system has been ASTM tested to out-perform BRAND NEW roofs. We can extend the life of an existing roof by a minimum of up to 10-30 years. From impact resistance, to wind, to solar heat reflectance to granule adhesion, Shingle Magic has out-performed brand new expensive roofing shingles!

      Shingle Magic also offers a major positive impact on the environment.

    • What Can Shingle Magic Do For My Roof?
      Shingle Magic Atlanta can provide a solution that will save you money and offers you a better alternative to total roof replacement. Shingle magic can provide a complete roofing system that restores the roof to a brand new appearance, provide better than new roof protection and extend the life by 30 years.
    • Who is NOT a Good Candidate For Shingle Magic?
      Instances where your roof has been damaged by a storm or a fallen tree. We are not a candidate for insurance claims.
    • What Signals Should I be Aware of to Qualify for Shingle Magic?
      You may have started to experience a leaky roof. You may be a new homeowner and have been warned by a roof inspector that you need to replace your roof. You may be a homeowner who is selling your property, but one of the conditions you have been tasked with is to replace your roof. Or you may just have an old roof and need to do something about it before it’s too late!
    • Who is an Ideal Candidate for Shingle Magic Roofing Systems?

      The ideal candidate for Shingle Magic is:

      Anyone who is in need of a possible roof replacement
      Anyone who is wondering how much life is left in their current roof.
      Anyone who is in need of a roofing repair company.

      This can include homeowners, commercial building owners, HOA’s, Condo owners and any owners of buildings with a roof replacement need. Homeowners, Investors, Real Estate Agents and business owners are among some of the people we help the most.

    • What Services Does Shingle Magic Offer?
      Shingle Magic offers Atlanta residents and business owners an alternative to not having to replace their roof. We offer a “roof rejuvenation” system that revitalizes your current roof with our patented Shingle Magic Roof Sealant.