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Making Roofs Better Is What We Do

Everything of value needs to be cleaned to keep its original state of functionality. This principle applies to your roof, which suffers the brunt of harsh weather conditions. Our devoted team at Roofing Magic provides thorough roof cleaning services in Atlanta. Have our skilled experts restore your roof to its original glory and strength with our regular cleaning plans.

Why Regular Roof Cleaning Is So Important

Of course, one of the main reasons why residents might invest in cleaning their roofs is to improve their aesthetic appearance. However, a more attractive exterior is just one positive consequence. 

Some of the other advantages of arranging frequent cleaning include: 

  • An extended lifespan of the siding, gutters, and fascia – Cleaning a roof is not just important for its own sake. A sturdy, well-maintained roof that is not clogged with dirt and leaves will not drop debris on other parts of the house, protecting them for many more years.
  • Security from organic growth like mildew, moss, algae, and mold – If a roof is cleaned frequently, it will not be prone to grow an unsightly blanket of fungi or vegetation. Not only do these growths weaken a roof’s integrity, but they can release pollen or spores that are harmful to breathe.
  • Saved money from costly roof repairs and replacements – It is much harder for a roof to be damaged when it is kept clean. Roofs that are weighed down by messy vegetation and animal droppings are more likely to spring leaks. Avoid expensive troubleshooting by having a roof regularly cleaned.

Is a Mossy Roof Harmful? 

Children’s stories are filled with so many images of moss-covered cottages that, for some homeowners, the idea of a roof covered with moss might seem romantic. However, the truth is that a house coated with moss is more of a residential nightmare, rather than a fairytale. When moss, lichen, algae, and other organic materials develop, they put a roof at risk. These life forms eat away at shingles and wood shakes, causing them to rot. They also greatly increase the moisture so that the underlayment beneath the roof covering will deteriorate. Regular cleaning is key to keeping such intruders at bay, no matter how charming they may look. 

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How Often Should a Roof Be Cleaned?

With so many household tasks on their hands, residents may wonder if roof cleaning is something they need to perform all the time. Experts generally say that a roof should receive thorough cleaning every 3 to 5 years. There is a way to avoid having so much maintenance, however. Ask our team members at Roofing Magic about our special coating that protects roofs from experiencing accumulated dirt and debris.

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