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Roof Repair in Atlanta, GA 

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There are few things as frustrating as having a faulty roof. To avoid having your valuables damaged by water, or the home’s foundation weakened, speak to our techs at Roofing Magic. We provide roof repair services in Atlanta and are confident we can return your roof to its original strength. 

Do Missing Shingles Require Repairs or a Replacement?

Seeing how expensive it is to replace roofs, it is only natural that homeowners in Atlanta would be hesitant about getting a new roof after facing a bit of damage. But do absent shingles indicate that the roof should be replaced, or can it be repaired instead? The key to determining if a roof can be fixed is how many shingles are missing. If only a few are absent here and there, our experts can easily fix the gaps.

However, if there are large patches where the underlayment is showing through, this is a major problem. Multiple missing shingles mean that the roof deck or sheathing may have deteriorated from water damage. The best solution for missing is to just get in touch with our dedicated techs to conduct a detailed inspection.

Indications That a Roof Requires Troubleshooting

Typically, people tend to imagine that malfunctioning roofs are also leaky roofs. Leaks are not to be taken lightly, since they will lead to a lot of water damage over time. Nevertheless, it is important to realize that roof problems come in all shapes and forms. Learning to spot the more subtle warning signals of roof failure is the best way to avoid future troubles. By reaching out to our professionals, residents can often prevent costly replacements.

Some common indicators that a roof should receive expert repairs include:

  • Extensive gaps where shingles or tiles have gone missing
  • Light coming in through holes in the attic
  • Visible signs of mildew or mold growth on the inside of the attic
  • Utility bills that have skyrocketed from energy loss through gaps in the roof
  • Multiple brown streaks or patches from water damage on the interior of the attic’s walls and ceiling
  • The presence of large holes or cracks in the roof

For more information about our Atlanta roof repair services, contact our team online or give us a call at (404) 905-3366 today.

Why Are the Edges of My Shingles Curling?

A roof may not be missing shingles, but this does not mean that all is well. If the edges of shingles seem to be curling upwards or even buckling, this is a big issue. Shingles are supposed to lay flat on a roof. However, when they receive too much moisture, they start to bend or cup. Not only is this unattractive but the buckling allows the roof deck to absorb moisture as well, which weakens the whole roof’s integrity. Reach out to Roofing Magic, so we can quickly fix the damaged shingles. 

For effective solutions from our family-owned business, give our skilled team members a call now at (404) 905-3366 for reliable Atlanta roof repairs.

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