Roof Rejuvenation

Atlanta Roof Rejuvenation 

Why Replace Your Roof When You Can Restore It!

There are certainly times when roof replacement may be the best option for a home. However, you may be surprised to learn that dilapidated roofs can often be salvaged. When a roof is only damaged on the outside but structurally sound inside, Roofing Magic can help. Rejuvenation is an innovative approach that saves residents time and money. With special treatments that renew the roof’s appearance and functionality, homeowners can breathe easily at night. Let us help to protect your home and your family from the elements. We are a dedicated, family-owned company that offers quality Atlanta roof rejuvenation services at a fair price. 

Roof Rejuvenation Through Roof Coating

The roof, like every other part of a house, is eventually going to come to the end of its lifespan. What many people do not realize, however, is that replacement does not always have to come so soon. In many cases, a roof may look like it is in major trouble, but it still has several years left. So long as the structure below is sound, replacement is not necessary. Instead, technicians can apply a powerful coating to make the roof as good as new. This alternative will not only lengthen the roof’s overall life, but it will dramatically increase its curb appeal. 

The way that this method works is the coating is applied in liquid form directly onto the roof. All forms of gaps, holes, or cracks, no matter how large or small, will be sealed. Once the coating fully dries, it allows the roof to be fully waterproof. The whole process of application and curing usually only takes a few hours, freeing homeowners’ schedules.

The Benefits of Using Roofing Magic Sealer for Rejuvenation

Although there are several coating products available on the market, few are as popular and effective as Roofing Magic Sealer. Unlike other sealers, this covering comes in a set of two coats to make it even stronger. Made from a water-based, acrylic substance, the coating is easy to apply but tough to remove. It can endure multiple kinds of forces, both natural and artificial.

Just a few examples of the objects that a roof with Roofing Magic Sealer can withstand include:

  • UV light
  • Wind gusts
  • Acid rain
  • Hail dents
  • Broken tree branches 

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How to Tell Whether a Roof Can Benefit from Rejuvenation

If a roof looks worse for wear, chances are that it could use some rejuvenation. But how are residents supposed to tell when a roof can benefit from rejuvenation instead of a replacement? A primary clue is the current shape of the roof’s structure. If the roof is sagging at all, it is too unsound to stay standing much longer. This is only one indicator, however. It is always best to get in touch with Roofing Magic directly. 

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